21 Hot Locations for Travel Nursing Jobs in 2021

21 Hot Locations for Travel Nursing Jobs in 2021

Settling into the new year is a popular time for reflection and resolutions. However, it can also be a perfect time as a travel nurse to set out a plan for where you want to go this year for work. We’ve created a list of 21 hot locations for travel nurses for the year, so take a good look.

Hot Cities for Travel Nursing Jobs in 2021

1. Anchorage, Alaska

It’s not uncommon for people to travel the states but Alaska definitely ranks as one of the most amazing states in terms of beauty. The opportunities to explore the majestic outdoors, even see the Northern Lights, or experience a summer of never-ending days should not be ignored. Some of the highest compensation packages for travel nurses are offered here.

2. Denver, Colorado

Rocky mountain vistas for your morning cup of coffee and an exciting city make this location a favorite. Plan your contract during the winter months and learn to ski or snowboard, or pack your hiking boots and blaze the trails in the warmer months. Colorado is part of the eNLC which may make it a more attractive option for you as well.

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3. Honolulu, Hawaii

You had to know Hawaii would make this list. Very little can match or surpass the appeal of a tropical island setting. Be warned however, this assignment would be one for creating memories and experiences, not necessarily one to pad your bank account. The competition for this location is typically high, and therefore the compensation packages aren’t among the highest in the nation. They don’t have to be, it’s Hawaii.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

You don’t have to be a gambler to appreciate life in Las, Vegas. This city is full of life nonstop. Catch a live magic show, a famous comedian, or a hit pop star on a night off, and don’t forget that casinos are known for their amazing restaurants as well.

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5. Bend, Oregon

For outdoor lovers, this city is a gatekeeper of all outdoor sports adventures you can want. Surrounded by forest, mountains, and a river this location will ensure that when you aren’t at work you’ll definitely be outside.

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6. Dallas, Texas

In this big spread-out city of over 1.3 million people, healthcare is one of the biggest employers ensuring lots of career smart opportunities for travel nurses. Add in countless opportunities to enjoy cultural events, professional sports, this city offers a more affordable urban life experience than other big cities such as New York or Miami. Texas is a member state of the eNLC also.

7. Phoenix, Arizona

For travel nurses wanting a warm spring or fall season, consider Phoenix. This desert climate state boasts super-hot summers, but the other seasons are pleasantly mild. Combine that with delicious dining, and an exciting blend of cultures and you’ll find this city has a lot to offer. Arizona is also a compact state.

8. Boston, Massachusetts

The surrounding metro area of Boston and the city proper offer travel nurses excellent learning opportunities and prestige due to this location’s juggernaut healthcare and research institutions. For career-minded travel nurses, this is spot is a must.

9. New York City, New York

The big apple is another location that makes this list year after year. And why not? The city that never sleeps is a place that while many wouldn’t want to make it their home, most want to experience at least once in their lives. Broadway shows, street food, public transportation, and world-class medical institutions offer travel nurses a well-rounded experience.

10. Duluth, Minnesota

We’re seeing some of our highest pay packages in Duluth right now. Travel nurses who want to pad their bank accounts a bit, all while enjoying the largest freshwater lake, Lake Superior. The city has been named one of the happiest U.S. cities, surely in part due to the fact that it makes intentional efforts in fostering harmony and unity among residents.

11. Orlando, Florida

Miami gets a lot of press, but the city of Orlando offers residents and travel nurses the same blend of culture, nightlife, arts, and a large airport which makes hot tourist attractions such as the Florida Keys, and St Petersburg Beach within easy reach.

12. Miami, Florida

Miami’s beaches are a popular draw, but the city’s strong Hispanic influence has resulted in beautiful and fun neighborhoods worthy of exploration in your down time. Shopping, great food, and bright nightlife are just the icing on the cake.

13. Chicago, Illinois

This city is known for its deep-dish pizza and beloved professional baseball teams is a fun place to live. With over 500 parks, excellent public transportation options, a thriving art scene, museums, and delicious dining you’ll never be bored in Chicago.

14. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is another city generally seen on people’s bucket lists. It has a high cost of living, which can make it difficult to afford even for a quick vacation. Choosing a travel nursing contract here will allow you to explore its beautiful Victorian neighborhoods, foggy beaches, and the nearby Muir Woods which is home to the glorious Redwood trees.

15. Austin, Texas

Austin is known for being the city that keeps it weird. Having a strong identity, and serious art and live music scene are just a few of the reasons this big city and its more alternative culture are so popular in the heartland of the generally more conservative state.

Off the Beaten Path Travel Nursing Job Locations

For travel nurses who’ve “been there and done that” with the cities already listed, or who perhaps want to explore the less-traveled places this part of the list is for you. These places have need of your skills and expertise but are often overlooked by travel nurses with a flashy bucket list. The rest of the cities on this list are all members of the nursing licensure compact, they want you! If you’re looking to make a difference and follow a new path try one (or a few!) of these spots.

16. Tulsa, Oklahoma

This pretty city along the Arkansas River is known for its edgy art deco architecture and nearby natural attractions. it’s a great city to pick for a travel nursing job. There is a nice balance of quiet country life and plenty of things to do in the city of Tulsa for those travel nurses that like to wine, dine, and go out on the town.

17. Wichita, Kansas

In south-central Kansas, you will find the city of Wichita. Wichita is unique because it offers hands-on science exhibits. In fact, you can explore the history of the city by checking out the animated models that depict 1950s Kansas. You can check out very nostalgic museums and feel like you’ve traveled back in time when you pick up a travel nursing job in Wichita.

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18. Indianapolis, Indiana

Don’t overlook Indianapolis, the state capital of Indiana, if you want something a little different for your next travel nursing assignment. Affectionately known as Indy to any Hoosier, this city has some surprises, such as the world’s largest children’s museum.

19. Bismarck, North Dakota

You might want to find a travel nursing job in the capital city of North Dakota. Bismarck is set on beautifully landscaped grounds. You can visit the North Dakota Heritage Center to get a better feel for the state’s cultural and natural history.

20. Charleston, South Carolina

This port city was founded in 1670. You can see evidence of its historic roots throughout the city – in the cobblestone streets, antebellum homes, and horse-drawn carriages. There are several divisions of the city, such as the French District, that make you feel like you’ve entered an entirely different town in minutes.

21. Bridgeport, West Virginia

Bridgeport, West Virginia is a low-key city that is nicely located. If you are into golfing, the Pete Dye Golf Club has been rated the best in the state and you will find it in this city if you take a travel nursing job in Bridgeport, WV. This city is also minutes from outdoor activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, and more.

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