Follow this Advice to Find the Right Travel Nursing Assignment

Follow this Advice to Find the Right Travel Nursing Assignment

Are you in the middle of a travel nursing job search? Whether you are currently on assignment or just seeking out the highest paying travel nursing jobs, there are some tricks of the trade you should know about when it comes to finding the right assignments.

Top nursing assignments which offer the industry’s best travel nurse pay and benefits fill up fast and could have a lot of applicants. How can you stand out from the pack and ensure you have the best possible chance at landing your dream travel nursing job? Keep reading to learn six travel nursing tips to help you land the travel nursing assignment that’s right for you.

Six Travel Nursing Tips to Secure Your Ideal Nursing Assignment

1. Start Searching for Travel Nursing Jobs Early

When it comes to travel nursing, there is no such thing as being too early. Many professionals are now taking control of their nursing career and searching for their next travel assignment online or with an innovative online job searching application. However, one of the best places to start looking for your next travel nursing assignment is by touching base with a travel nursing recruiter that you can trust. If you have already been working with a travel nursing agency or staffing specialist, keep the lines of communication open, and reach out to them to see what types of assignments they have available.

Talk to your travel nursing specialist about the jobs you want to keep an eye out for, even if you are already on an assignment. Let them know what your next job of interest is, and the one after that, and so on, so that your travel nursing recruiter can be on the lookout for ideal jobs for you when they come up. You can even book your assignments sometimes up to five months in advance! This means you could potentially have your next assignment already confirmed and set while you’re heading out to your current travel nursing assignment.

Planning ahead and booking your travel nursing assignment early helps you to get a better handle on your schedule and to secure time off for a holiday, and allows you to plan for ample time in between assignments for any vacation plans or time needed for certification and licensure.

2. Clearly State What You’re Looking for in a Travel Nursing Assignment

What’s the most important factor you’re looking for in your next travel nursing job? What matters most to you? Are you looking for the highest-paying travel nursing assignments? Are you trying to find work only in a specific location? Or even a certain facility? Whatever it is that matters most to you in your next travel nursing assignment, let your staffing specialist know about this right off the bat.

A good travel nursing recruiter will be sure to connect you with the right contracts that meet your professional and personal experience levels.

3. Keep Your Eye Out for New Opportunities

While most travel nursing recruiters do a pretty good job of letting you know when and what type of assignments become available, do not rely on them to do it all. Sign up online for job alerts. Search for new travel nursing assignments regularly. Download an innovate nursing job search app that allows you to apply online with just a click of a button for the best travel nursing assignments as they become available.

It’s the digital era, and you owe it to yourself to take advantage of these online tools to help you find the hottest travel nursing assignments as they become available.

4. Be Proactive with Your Travel Nursing Documents and Onboarding Information

Whatever you do, be sure that you do not procrastinate and wait until the last minute to get your nursing paperwork in order. It is strongly advised to have your travel nursing paperwork prepared in advance prior to any job searching activities. In order to stay organized and have all these travel nurse documents in one place, you should consider using an application that allows you to upload and save a portfolio of the necessary paperwork required to start any travel nursing assignment. Points of consideration when it comes to having your logistics in order are as follows:

  • Ensure your nurse licensure information is up to date and have copies available. If your home state in which you hold a nursing license is part of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC), you will be able to practice in multiple compact states without having to apply for additional licensure. If you do not have a compact license or you want to work in a state that is not part of the eNLC,  be sure that you obtain the licensure early, as some states take a while to process the paperwork.
  • Obtain any additional licensing needed for the area in which you want to work (in advance when possible).
  • Be sure your health certificates for your physical exam, PPD test, and immunization records/exemptions are current (the physical exam and PPD test must be within one year of the contract date).
  • Have current cards that are good for at least another six months for BLS, ALS, PALS or other additional certifications ready to go.
  • Have contact information for two clinical references who were supervisors or managers. Your options include:
    • a performance evaluation;
    • a written letter; or
    • contact details.
  • Keep copies of any of your skills checklists and other paperwork you have available that may be useful to your staffing specialist or recruiter.
  • Have a high-resolution current image with a white background on file.

5. Smash the Travel Nursing Job Interview

After you and your travel nursing specialist have decided on an assignment that fits your needs and they submit you for an assignment – or – you have applied using an app for travel nursing jobs – if the employer is interested they will set up an interview.

Normally, the interview will include a phone call that will take place with a hiring manager. This gives you the chance to convey your professionalism and skill set – which is super important for landing the travel nursing job of your dreams. Preparation is imperative, so be sure you are ready to put your best foot forward and showcase your nursing skills. Often times, you will receive a job offer on the same day that you have your interview!

6. Accept the Travel Nursing Job Offer that’s Best for You

Be ready to just say “yes” when the offer comes through. If you delay giving an immediate answer, you could potentially lose the opportunity if it gets filled by a different nurse.

The best registered nurses who work on travel assignments understand the importance of staying flexible. Sometimes you might not land the exact nursing job you thought you wanted, but you might be offered a different 13-week contract that fits all of your absolute requirements on your list. Keep an open mind and consider taking a travel nursing assignment, even if it was not your first choice, and it might work out better than you expected.

Are You Ready to Search for Your Next Travel Nursing Assignment?

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