7 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Travel Nurses

7 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Travel Nurses

Travel nurses work hard year-round. Like, really hard. Everyone knows this, especially the people who are around travel nurses the most. They see them coming and going; spending long hours away from home; picking up extra shifts; complaining about their sore backs and achy feet; trying to decompress during their time off, etc.

When the holidays roll around, it may come as no surprise that the people who are closest to travel nurses are looking for ways to recognize them and make them feel good. If you are asking yourself:

“What are some of the best gifts for nurses?”

We’ve got you covered. Here are seven different gift ideas that will help you find the perfect way to show the travel RN in your life love and appreciation.

1. Day at the Spa

Nurses are sometimes so busy taking care of other people, that self-care can get pushed to the wayside or put on the back burner for later. Later doesn’t always come, and many travel nurses do not take time out of their busy schedule to pamper theirself – unless you make them.

Buy a spa package for the travel nurse in your life that includes services that are most appreciated by travel nurses, such as:

  • Manicure/pedicure
  • Hair
  • Deep tissue massages
  • Facials and exfoliation
  • Electrolysis

If possible, you should make yourself available to spend the full day at the spa with your travel nurse friend or family member to create a memorable experience.

2. Monogrammed Stethoscope

Buying the travel nurse in your life a monogrammed stethoscope is a wonderful idea. You can order high-quality stethoscopes with engraving from websites, such as allheart. Consider including a special message along with the nurse’s name to make it a personalized memento. Choose a very reputable brand, such as Littmann, which offers an amazing warranty policy.

Any nurse is going to love this gift because doctors and other nurses frequently walk off with random stethoscopes, usually by accident. I once saw a doctor leave a nurse’s stethoscope in an elevator when he realized he walked off with it. When a nurse has their name on it, the chances of it being returned to the rightful owner are pretty good.

3. A Special Momento or Token

Life on the road can get lonely. When a nurse is away traveling, they may easily become homesick or get a bit emotional. One way to help ease the sting of loneliness is by having a moment or token of something or someone they are close to.

Think about making a scrapbook or photobook of pictures for them to look at while they are away. I know for me personally, I always wear a diamond necklace that is made from the hair of my deceased mother, by keeping this on at other jobs, I feel like I always have her presence with me.

4. High-Quality (Expensive) Drinkware

As a travel nurse, having a portable container for water or coffee is an absolute must. High-quality drinkware can come with high price tags. A lot of people, even nurses, have a hard time forking out that kind of cash on a “cup” even though it would be nice to have.

Make it happen for them. Choose a popular insulated bottle, tumbler, or mug that’s known for quality, hygiene, and durability. Make sure it’s one that is easy to clean with minimal parts to avoid losing them. YETI has some impressive drinkware options travel nurses are going to love.

5. A Gift Certificate for Scrubs or Shoes

I know a lot of these gift ideas include certificates, but it’s for good reason – especially when it comes to this one. Travel nurses are always going to new facilities and often times with the transition comes the expense of buying new scrubs or shoes that fall in line with the dress code at the new place. This can be expensive and frustrating.

In order to cut corners, a travel nurse might just opt for a cheap pair of shoes or second-hand scrubs to make it through the 13 weeks. But the truth is, three months is a long enough time that their feet should not suffer, and they should be able to feel confident and look their best in the style of scrubs they love the most with plenty of pocket space. You should easily be able to find a medical uniform supply store locally that will issue gift certificates. Make sure you choose a place with a wide variety that offers both shoes and scrubs to be sure your travel nurse can get the ones they want or need the most.

6. Moisturizing and Luxurious Hand Cream

Travel nurses are constantly washing their hands. The use of alcohol hand sanitizers along with frequent washing is the perfect recipe for dried-out, flaky hands.

Help the travel nurse in your life get some moisture back into their skin when you buy them a high-quality hand cream. I personally recommend L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream which has the perfect formula of shea butter, almond extract, coconut oil, and honey that makes it so incredibly effective.

7. Compression Socks

I know that you are probably thinking “boring” but hear me out on why these stockings make the perfect gift for nurses. Nurses are on their feet pretty much all day which can cause frequent aches and pains. High-quality compression socks improve circulation and prevent blisters.

Compression socks do cost more than regular socks, so the nurse in your life will appreciate owning a pair they did not have to pay for. There are plenty of fun styles of compression socks to choose from, with many of them being nursing specific.

Christmas is going to be here before you know it! Use these ideas to pick out the perfect gifts for nurses in your life.