Hot Summer Cities for Travel Nurses 2022

Hot Summer Cities for Travel Nurses 2022

Just like we promised you travel nurses in our last post, Top National Park Summer Destinations 2022, here’s our follow up, the hottest cities to put on your most wanted list for travel contracts this summer.

For those of you who are looking for a city experience this summer in air conditioned museums, theaters, and other cultural sights instead of sweating it out in the mountains, deserts, and other gorgeous but admittedly challenging outdoorsy terrains, this list is for you! We’ve compiled a list of our recommendations for cities to hit this summer.

Our Seven Picks for Top Summer Cities in 2022

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When people consider the east, they always, immediately, and without fail, consider the Big Apple. While there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the exciting prowess of New York City, Philadelphia lies nearby and is often overlooked. Philadelphia is a gorgeous city with a European vibe, and steeped in history. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy what this city has to offer, but if history is your jam, then this spot is for you. Rich culture, historic monuments, and fabulous food, all make this city a must.

2. Kansas City, Kansas or Missouri

Kansas City sprawls over the border of Kansas and Missouri, dividing the city into two states. Regardless of which side of the border you land, the city can provide you with plenty of entertainment, culture, and excellent eats for the duration of your contract. Famous for its spectacular BBQ cuisine that harks back to the early 1900s, the dining scene is diverting, diverse, and delicious. Breweries, club districts, live jazz clubs, and cocktail lounges offer exciting nightlife opportunities with diversity. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has free admission days, and offers art classes for adults. Considered the cradle of jazz, you’ll find the American Jazz museum, and plenty of live jazz music haunts as well. Buy tickets for a Royals MLB game and partake of the tradition of tailgating prior to the game, if you hit a Friday night game you’ll probably see a firework show at the end as well.

3. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is going to be known as the comeback kid, it’s truly a city that was hit the worst by recession, transitioning from a large and loud city previously nicknamed the Paris of the Midwest, to practically a ghost town. Well, it’s crawling its way back up, folks. Art deco masterpieces in vaulted ceiling buildings can be toured on the weekends, over 100 art galleries await your visit, the street art in the Belt district or the Eastern Market intrigue as you wander, a revitalized waterfront bustles, and so much more are all yours to experience.

4. Portland, Oregon

This city isn’t large, but it has a great vibe, public transportation system, and is a short drive from the beach. If you’re looking for different, or even strange then Portland just might be what you need this summer. Locals may argue and say the city isn’t that weird anymore, but often visitors disagree. Take the bus to work, your car, or your scooter, skates, or skateboard. Home to the famous drag queen group, Darcelle XV and Company, you will be in for an entertaining night full of laughter. The city’s Saturday Market will have you getting up early with anticipation instead of sleeping in. With delicious dining options from food trucks to sit downs, craft breweries dotted along, you might find yourself exploring the beautiful landscapes of the Rose Garden. Be sure to catch a sunset at Mt Tabor at least once, and let this city inspire you to let your weirdness off the leash for a bit.

5. Boise, Idaho

This city is a great option for travel nurses who want the city experience but like the opportunity for outdoor activities nearby as well. Boise has a surprisingly urban vibe considering its population is only around a quarter of a million people. Nevertheless, the restaurant scene is inventive, the art scene is engaged, and the wineries offer tastings and tours. Public transportation and bike trails offer alternative ways for you to maneuver the city, while parks and the Boise River Greenbelt offers scenic views.

6. Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is a beautiful city with a smaller town feel. With gorgeous parks for residents to enjoy including the botanical gardens, and the stunning Oletangy Greenway for running, walking, or biking, you don’t have to worry about feeling too cooped up this summer. Summer is a great time to visit Columbus because this city is loves its festivals! There’s a festival almost every single weekend through the summer. Top that off with ballet, symphony, and performance theater shows, art and interactive science museums, seven distillery companies, craft breweries, and a diverse nightlife scene ranging from pubs to swanky rooftop bars, you will fall in love with Columbus.

7. Denver, Colorado

Most people head to Colorado for the Rocky Mountains for hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. And while setting yourself up for a contract in Denver in the summer means you’ll be near enough to hundreds of beautiful hiking trails if you fancy doing more than just appreciating the beautiful mountain vista from your window, that’s actually not why this city is on our list.

Denver is a dynamic city with much culture to offer. Their performing arts center occupies four city blocks and is home to their own ballet troupe, symphony, opera, and performance theater group. If that’s not enough culture for you, visit the Denver Art Museum, or wander over to the RiNo Arts and Santa Fe districts for the contemporary art galleries and studios on display. The live music scene is surprisingly crush, whether you prefer the small pub atmosphere or the big outdoor experience such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Lest we forget, Denver is home of the nationwide big beer brand Coors, as well as over 140 breweries (almost half of the breweries for the entire state) offering unique tasty brews. Just outside the city is the Wild Animal Sanctuary which is home to hundreds of rescued wildlife including big cat predators saved from illegal operations all over.

See the Cities You Didn’t Know You Wanted to See

There’s nothing wrong with taking travel nurse contracts in the big-name cities, but this list was put together with the love of an underdog. Our beautiful nation has so much to offer, and while travel nursing offers the opportunity for glamorous contracts, it also affords the opportunity to discover the lesser known. Make your summer of 2022 a summer of discovery and singularity, you might just fall in love with it.