It’s Time: Get into Travel Nursing/Healthcare Now

It’s Time: Get into Travel Nursing/Healthcare Now

Travel Jobs Are Hot for All Types of Clinicians

Travel nursing has arguably never been more “hip” than it is today. While it’s long been a niche career, the attention travel nursing has garnered over the last year will see it grow from merely a niche to a substantial part of the nursing industry, and likely other medical professions as well.

Travel nurses have been a consequential part of the medical community’s work to fight the novel coronavirus worldwide since its discovery in late 2019. While they’ve always been able to work as they travel, the sheer numbers of them in demand in certain hotspots became an opportunity for many who found themselves baffled in the midst of a pandemic and on furlough or even laid off from their steady full-time employment.

Becoming a Travel Nurse

Many registered nurses discovered that becoming a travel nurse wasn’t terribly difficult, and the accompanying life changes i.e. changing geographic locations, new coworkers every eight weeks, changes in housing, tracking expenses for taxes, and so on had as many joys and benefits as there are drawbacks.

In spite of those admittedly drastic life changes, many nurses found and continue to find travel nursing jobs to be lucrative and satisfying. For many clinicians, travel jobs offer the desirable privilege to see new places with a frequency most can only dream of. For example, the typical vacation time provided by most healthcare employers ranges from 10 – 15 days. Consider how many of you that are reading this now actually use your vacation time for travel and how many of you end up using it for a family obligation, or an important meeting, or simply because you need a day off?

Travel LPN Jobs

A traveling LPN (licensed practical nurse) may not have two days off in a row during their contract period while working in Chicago, but their mere presence in the city for work allows them the opportunity to explore and experience the city quite simply in their downtime between shifts. The work contract has paid for them to actually arrive in the city, it’s taken care of housing, and allows them to earn money while they’re in a new place. We have travel nursing jobs for LPNs all over the country, take a look and contact us to get you started!

Travel CNA Jobs

Certified nursing assistants are in higher demand than ever. While the average income for a CNA in the United States is a respectable $30,830 per year or $14.82 per hour according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), that wage varies widely based on geographic location.

CNAs can join the field of travel nursing and not only reap the benefits of travel opportunities across the country, but also find those travel CNA job contracts that offer higher wages. Maximizing your income as a CNA is possible, and can bring joy and adventure to your life. Here’s a list of the ten top paying states for certified nursing assistants (in alphabetical order not the order of pay rate):

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • North Dakota
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

We have CNA travel jobs available now, take a look and give us a call to start maximizing your income potential while traveling the country one contract at a time.

High Paying Vaccine Travel Nursing Jobs

In spite of the fact that we’re into year two of the battle against COVID 19, the workload remains high, and hotspots continue to pop up. The CDC recently revealed statistics that at first glance show a disappointing trend: an increase in the people who have received their first dose of the COVID vaccination have missed the second dose in increasing numbers, approximately 5 million people. Possible reasons for people missing their second dose could be misinformation or the fact that each facility administering vaccines uses a different IT system, or simply the increase in access to the vaccine.

World Immunization Week (the last week of the month of April) has been all the more poignant this year, and travel nurses around the world are hard at work to bring education and information about the available COVID vaccines to communities and administer vaccines in clinics. We have high-paying vaccine travel nursing jobs available, for more information read our recently published blog, “Interested in a High Paying Vaccine Travel Nursing Job?“.

Highest Paying Travel Nursing Jobs

For our nurses who are looking specifically for those travel nursing jobs that are the most profitable, look to the specializations and certifications, the odd shifts, and the less glamorous locations.

Of course, there are always going to be travel nurses interested in hitting the most glamorous cities or vacation destinations, consequently, those are likely to be more competitive, and often the pay rate isn’t anything exceptional.

Some of our highest paying travel nursing contracts have been in cities that you might consider unremarkable, and yet our country is full of wonderful people and hidden gems that even the most avid travel blogger never discovers.

Be willing to work night shifts, and expect it to be unlikely to have more than a day off at a time. As a travel nurse, this expectation is common. You are after all, likely being paid more than the staff nurses.

Other high-paying travel nursing jobs we are seeing currently include positions for clinical nurse practitioners (CNPs) and speech-language pathologists (SLPs). As the travel nursing industry continues to expand, more of those opportunities present themselves. We fully anticipate other clinical professions to join the traveling bandwagon as well. So even if you aren’t an RN, LPN, or CNA don’t count yourself out! Contact us to discuss your credentials and together we’ll find you a road to a traveling career of SLP travel jobs or CNP travel jobs.