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Elite Specialty Staffing proudly offers competitive compensation and benefits, employee incentives, and recognition to each of our travel nurses. We know that your hard work enables our success as a nurse staffing agency and your value to our company deserves the very best we can offer.   Take a look at some of the benefits you can expect when you come to work with Elite Specialty Staffing

Saving money as a travel nurse is much easier because travel nurses make substantially more money than full time staff nurses at healthcare facilities

High Wages

Travel nurses typically earn far more than staff nurses, and our pay rates are among the highest in the travel-nurse industry. Full time travel assignments can make as much as $102,000 annually. For your reference and convenience, you can compare national travel nursing pay averages here.

Two professional skilled medical-surgical nurses discuss what they enjoy about careers as travel nurses with Elite Specialty Staffing


Travel nursing provides you with the flexibility to work as much or as little as you would like. There are plenty of contracts available in every state in the nation. Your Elite Specialty Staffing nurse recruiter will work with you to determine contracts that are the best fit for your schedule and desire.

Travel nursing jobs can be highly lucrative as they generally pay higher wages and offer great lifestyle benefits

Full Time Hourly Bonus

In addition to higher than average pay, Elite Specialty Staffing offers a $2/hr additional pay bonus, available to full-time employees working at least 60 hrs in any given two week pay period.

Direct deposit is one of the many delightful pieces of the Elite Specialty Staffing benefits package

Direct Deposit

We offer every travel nurse the advantage of having their pay delivered via direct deposit. A direct deposit is an electronic payment from Elite Specialty Staffing’s bank account to your bank account. You will receive your deposit on payday with no delays thanks to our use of direct deposit.

One of Elite Specialty Staffings wonderful travel nurses takes a patient for an afternoon walk through a beautiful wooded park where the patient can enjoy time outside of one of our partner healthcare hospital facilities from the PACU or Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Travel Reimbursement

Elite Specialty Staffing offers travel reimbursement to employees traveling over 50 miles roundtrip for travel contracts or per-diem shifts. For more information on your specific travel reimbursement, please contact us.

Two of our favorite Elite Specialty Staffing travel nurses on assignment at a partner healthcare facility in Oregon

Referral Bonus

All Elite Specialty Staffing registered nurses are eligible for a $300 referral bonus! After the referred candidate works 60 hours during the first 90 days of employment we will send you a beautiful bonus!

Professional Liability Insurance

Liability insurance at Elite Specialty Staffing is a part of the way that we help protect a contract nurse or a travel nurse from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims from healthcare facilities. Our liability insurance for travel nurses protects you while you are working on an assignment. Elite Specialty Staffing is proud to offer you this coverage, and is grateful for the service you provide for each of our healthcare facility partners.

Workers compensation coverage is a part of the incredible benefits package the Elite Specialty Staffing offers to every travel nurse on our staff

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to any active travel nurse who is injured in the course of employment.

Talented & Ambitious
... Your nurse is a very talented and ambitious RN.  I received good reports on her and would be glad to have her back when the need arises.
- CNO Oregon Hospital
Well Trained
The nursing staff at Elite Specialty Staffing are well-trained, flexible and reliable. We would recommend Elite Specialty Staffing to other hospitals as an excellent resource for day to day needs as well as contract needs
- Scheduler Idaho Hospital
Miles Above
Your nurses demeanor and approach went miles above and beyond to put me and my wife at ease - not to mention you are flat out fun! Thank you so much for being who you are and taking care of my wife.
- Patient's Husband
NOT Normal
... just so you know, you are NOT a normal RN Agency. Your team is different. I want to encourage you to keep the personal touch in your business. It can make all the difference. Your personal caring means a lot to your nurses. You are awesome in my opinon! Keep it up!
- J.R. a Full Time Elite Specialty Nurse