Travel RN & LPN Job Benefits from Elite Make Nurses Happy

Freedom. Flexibility. Fun. Travel Nurses Love Our Benefits

Snag the most competitive travel nursing job benefits in the industry when you work with Elite Specialty Staffing.

Our clinicians are everything to us. A large part of the reason Elite has such talented and compassionate travel nurses on our team is that we provide for our own. We show our gratitude by providing competitive travel nursing industry benefits. Nurses who work with us are like family.

Our travel registered nurse (RN) and licensed practical nurse (LPN) job benefits are competitive. Not only do we staff nurses on travel healthcare assignments, but we also find placements for certified nursing assistants (CNAs), physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), speech-language pathologists (SLPs), and other allied healthcare professionals. We pour our energy, time, sweat, and tears into matching the right clinicians with the healthcare facilities that need their specialized skills the most.

Make a Difference in Your Life and the Lives of Patients

Desperate patients suffering from the current pandemic need travel clinicians. We are proud to send our nurses, assistants, techs, and other allied healthcare professionals nationwide on assignments. Join us in the frontlines and gain access to high-paying crisis response nursing jobs today!

Work with Elite, where you’re appreciated and deserve nothing less than the most competitive clinician travel job benefits in the healthcare staffing industry. Read more about travel healthcare job benefits and consider joining our team.

Benefits of Travel Nursing Offered by Elite Specialty Staffing

Saving money as a travel nurse is much easier because travel nurses make substantially more money than full time staff nurses at healthcare facilities

High Wages

Travel nursing salary is often the top benefit that interests RNs and LPNs. How much do nurses earn? Well, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that for 2019, the median pay salary for registered nurses was $73,300 and for licensed practical/vocational nurses it was $47,480

Now, considering this is already a high-paying field, add the fact that travel nurses on average earn a higher salary than their regularly employed counterparts – then you can see why travel nursing is such an enticing choice of career. With Elite Specialty Staffing, our travel nurses earn some of the highest pay rates in the industry.

Direct deposit is one of the many delightful pieces of the Elite Specialty Staffing benefits package

Direct Deposit

Never worry about receiving your paycheck no matter where you’re at on the map. Direct deposit places the money straight into the preferred account of the Elite travel nurse. 

An Elite Specialty Staffing travel nurse, and a contract nurse at their jobs in a hospital

Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Insurance is one of the many perks travel nurses love about the job. Considering this, we provide packages with options for health, dental, and vision coverage – why let insurance coverage stop you from experiencing the adventure of your career? With Elite’s many insurance options, you can safely travel outside your hometown knowing you are covered! Cross that “con” off your list and contact one of our experienced recruiters today! Also, if you want to learn more about the pros and cons of travel nursing, check out our previous blog post here.

Travel Reimbursement 

You may qualify for travel reimbursement depending on where you live; the location of your assignment; and the guidelines for the facility. This is usually a one-time bonus for the relocation fees associated with arriving at your destination. A lot of variables will affect whether you qualify for this type of benefit, so ask about this when you talk with a recruiter or contact us about a travel nursing job you’re interested in. 

Travel nursing jobs can be highly lucrative as they generally pay higher wages and offer great lifestyle benefits

Travel Nurse Referral Bonuses 

It’s no secret our industry has a shortage of nurses. That unfortunate fact however provides our travel nurses not only with the benefit of job security but also the opportunity for a $300 referral bonus. When you refer a travel nurse to Elite Specialty Staffing, you’ll receive a one-time bonus when that nurse completes a travel assignment with Elite.

Two of our favorite Elite Specialty Staffing travel nurses on assignment at a partner healthcare facility in Oregon

Schedule Flexibility

You have control over your travel LPN or RN job contracts. You can work as many contracts in the year as you like. If you want a little time off between contracts, or if you prefer to bounce from one to the next and then enjoy a longer break, it is your choice. Our recruiters will work with you to find contacts when and where you want them.

Professional Liability Insurance

We care about our travel nurses and believe in protecting them with travel nurse insurance. Our professional liability insurance is for all our travel nurses to protect them from the risk of liabilities from lawsuits or claims from healthcare facilities. Professional liability insurance is an essential benefit and we are proud to protect our nurses. 

Workers compensation coverage is a part of the incredible benefits package the Elite Specialty Staffing offers to every travel nurse on our staff

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Elite also provides worker’s compensation insurance. If one of our travel nurses faces an injury during their employment, this benefit will provide medical benefits and wage replacement.

CVOR travel nurses circulating in the OR area of hospital

Optional Per Diem Nursing Jobs

Travel nurses are some of the hardest-working nurses in the industry and often receive challenging assignments. Therefore, the chance of nursing burnout is very real in this profession. To offset that, travel nurses look for opportunities to pick up per diem nursing shifts while taking time away from standard 13-week travel nursing contracts. Travel nurses might also want time off from contract commitments for the holidays, although they still may want to pick up PRN shifts when they are able during those times of the year. Also, certain travel nurses want as many hours as possible, so they look for opportunities to pick up per diem shifts at other facilities nearby while they are on assignment. At Elite Specialty Staffing, a  variety of our healthcare facilities also offer PRN nursing jobs that you may be interested in between assignments or during an assignment.

A Travel nursing contract can increase your career satisfaction

Stipends for Travel Nurses & Allied Health Workers

Housing and food/incidentals stipends are popular benefits of being a travel nurse. Nurses trust our experienced agency to provide the best possible housing benefits (which vary according to the location of the job). These stipend packages bundle housing allowances with meals and incidentals. In the digital era of travel nursing, it’s become quite uncommon for nurses to ask for company-provided housing. At Elite, the power is in your hands. Want a place that is close to the healthcare facility you’ll be working at over the next few months? Do it. Looking for a more exotic rental a little further out, maybe by the beach? You have the freedom to do that, too. Perhaps you’re not quite sure where you want to stay until you figure out the area. You can check out different AirBNBs. Book them! Or you might be a travel nurse who travels in an RV, pocket that extra cash, and stay where you want!

Travel Nursing Could Be Right for You 

As with any job, there are pros and cons to traveling nursing. While many believe the pros far outweigh the cons, explore them for yourself. Read our post, “9 Cons and Pros of Being a Travel Nurse“. Consider your personality, your career goals, your life goals, and decide what’s right for you. Contact us when you’re ready. You can change your life with Elite Specialty Staffing.