How to Choose a Reliable Staffing Agency for Travel Nurses

How to Choose a Reliable Staffing Agency for Travel Nurses

You deserve the best travel nursing agency. One that offers the highest-paying jobs and competitive benefits packages. You can easily become flooded when you search for a reliable staffing agency for registered nurses (RNs) by “fly-by-night” travel nursing agencies that just popped up a website but lack substantial resources and mega-corporate travel RN companies who treat their nurses more like numbers than people.

You need to feel confident that the nurse staffing agency you choose is going to support you during every step of the process. Not just during the nurse recruitment and staffing phase, but also throughout the duration of your contract nursing assignment.

Finding a travel nursing job. Setting up travel nursing housing (learn more about travel nursing housing and get some pro travel nursing tips in our previous blog post, “Travel Nurse Housing Pro Tips, Options, and Considerations“. Handling unexpected hiccups along the journey. There is a lot that goes into finding the right travel nursing assignment for you. Be sure to do the due diligence and follow these professional tips to find a reliable travel nurse staffing agency. Keep reading to learn five pro travel nursing tips for choosing a reliable staffing agency.

  1. Find a Good Recruiter You Can Trust: You need to have full confidence that your recruiter will have the industry know-how to guide you to the best travel nursing jobs in a way that is smooth, transparent, straight-forward, and of course, easy. Good recruiters need to be transparent so that you do not have to worry about ulterior motives. Your interests as a registered nurse should come before that of the staffing agency’s, or of the hospital’s, or of the healthcare facility’s. Your nursing recruiter should have excellent problem-solving skills, so that way when hiccups do occur during an assignment, you can rely on them to quickly generate a solution. Your recruiter should always treat you like a person and not just another statistic for their company, as can sometimes sadly be the case with corporate travel nursing agencies. Your recruiter will be your advocate should any issues arise during the process or assignment and should also be a cheerleader for your success as a travel nurse.
  2. Choose a Staffing Agency with In-House Experts: One way to tell if a travel nursing agency is reliable is whether or not they have experts in-house that are dedicated to certain areas of the travel nursing process, such as documentation, housing, and clinical competencies. The best travel nursing companies you can work with will have people who have expertise and connections in these various areas. Housing should be secured through contracts with local realtors who know the ins and outs of property rentals and who are dedicated to getting you exactly what you need for your travel nurse housing. You should also have access to professionals with clinical experience who you can call on in times of crisis. They should have an authoritative background with the various healthcare facilities so that you can trust them to come to your aide and for sound guidance and advice.
  3. Pick a Travel Nursing Agency that Provides Essential Benefits: Health insurance. Dental. Vision. Travel nurses have a lot on their plates to balance and you should not have any additional stress when it comes to covering the basics. You need to choose a travel nursing agency that provides you with full health insurance, vision, and dental that begins coverage as soon as you begin your assignment. There are other additional benefits provided by travel nursing agencies that can be quite competitive, so it’s important to research the benefits being provided by a travel nursing company.
  4. Find a Travel Nursing Agency that’s Known for Providing Good Housing: Transitions are challenging. Experienced travel nurses who have been doing this for many years will tell you that finding optimal housing is one of the biggest challenges and also one of the most important things that can either make or break a travel nursing assignment. Top travel nursing agencies provide RNs with free housing that is fully-furnished. These locations should be close enough to the facility for a reasonable commute and also in safe neighborhoods. Travel nurses who decide to find their own housing arrangement, such as those who live in their RVs, they should have the option for a generous housing subsidy in-line with the local economy of a location.
  5. Work with a Company You Can Easily Get in Touch With: Nurses need reliable connections at the nurse staffing company should any issues ever arise during the travel nursing contract. The recruiter you work with at a travel nursing agency should be quick to answer your questions thoroughly. You should be able to get in touch with your recruiter or someone who is covering for them promptly, whether this is by phone, text, or email. There should also be an option for a 24-line you can call in case of an emergency or crisis during your travel nursing assignment.

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