Introverted Travel Nurses Make Great Nurses!

Introverted Travel Nurses Make Great Nurses!

For most people, it seems reasonable to believe that only very social and outgoing travel nurses would excel in temporary healthcare positions. However, you may be surprised to learn that introverts make incredible nurses. There are several traits introverts possess that make them excellent candidates for a career in travel nursing.

Introverted Travel Nurse Strengths

One of the many great qualities introverted travel nurses possess is that they are more likely to establish deep connections with other people. This is true of their relationships with patients, and with co-workers. Being able to establish trust with others is a perfect quality to have when caring for patients as a travel nurse! Part of this strength can be attributed to the strong listening skills a shy nurse has. This enables an introverted travel nurse an ability to make others feel like the most important person in the world. Introverted nurses can really make their patients feel special because of the trust they can create.

The same is true for a anyone working alongside an introverted travel nurse. Trust in large part on a team results from consistency in performance over time. Introverted nurses tend to listen and clearly understand expectations more often. That makes them a valuable trusted asset in any cost center they work in.

Introverts generally don’t want to be the center of attention which also makes them great team players and incredibly diligent. An introverted travel nurse with observant tendencies can also be a great team member when it comes to conflict resolution as well. They are consistently great at keeping their cool in stressful situations. This dependency leads people to more often trust shy nurses, in some of the most difficult work scenarios.

With all these powerful traits in their character, it’s easy to see why introverted travel nurses are in high demand for high paying travel nursing roles at hospital’s, trauma centers, and travel nurse agencies.

Some of the Challenges

Every one of these strengths has the potential to become a personal weakness, and there are some challenges introverted nurses will often run into as well.

Initiating conversations can be a challenge for some introverted registered nurses, so it’s important that they consciously recognize opportunities to interact in positive and trusting communication. Often times this will require that they push themselves out of their comfort zone to initiate a conversation with a patient, another member of the team, or a trusted third party.

Occasionally an introverted nurse may get sucked into a conversation they don’t want to be a part of, and not know how to politely end or exit the conversation. This can easily drain the emotional strength of a shy nurse. It’s important for an introverted nurse to remain self aware and take “quiet time” for themselves in these scenarios.

An Introverted Summary

Being an introvert does not need to interfere with anyone becoming an incredible nurse. In many cases, being an introverted nurse provides the perfect skill set to accomplish and conquer. Being self aware and striving to help others in the best ways will help an introverted travel nurse build exceptional confidence over time. That confidence will carry over into travel nursing work, and relationships beyond your career!