7 Hot Travel Nursing/Healthcare Locations for Spring

7 Hot Travel Nursing/Healthcare Locations for Spring

Travel nurses, it’s time to plan your springtime contracts. Spring may seem far away, and yet we know that after the holiday bustle is over, everyone tends to drag their feet a bit and procrastination is common. Don’t wake up in March and realize you don’t have anywhere booked!

This new year is going to challenge us all. Stress from enduring this marathon of a pandemic is riding us all. So how can you shake off the “2020 too” blues? Do something different this spring and look for the hidden gems spread across our great nation.

Smaller cities, large towns, and even rural destinations for travel nursing contracts will be a terrific way to remind yourself that travel nursing isn’t only about the media headlines and swanky cities. Our country is great in a myriad of aspects, including our cultural diversity as you wander from the Northeast to the South, to the Midwest, and to the West. The experiences, the food, the people, and the adventures you can create for yourself don’t have to be cut out from a fancy travel magazine. We invite you to dig deeper, and surprise yourself with what you can find when you’re actively searching!

travel nurse in Arizona1. Travel Healthcare Jobs in Arizona

Spring is a beautiful time of year to explore the state of Arizona. Despite being known for being a hot and dry landscape most of the year, the months of March to May are mild, and the desert comes to life. Travel nurses who take contracts in Arizona have the opportunity to see the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon in addition to other lesser-known but no less beautiful locations such as Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, and Lake Powell. Check out our high-paying travel contracts in these cities: Phoenix, Casa Grande, Glendale, and Mesa.

travel nurse standing by body of water in Colorado2. Travel Healthcare Jobs in Colorado

Colorado is a favorite spot for spring breakers who love to hit the slopes. Nevertheless, skiing and snowboarding aren’t the only qualities that should attract travel nurses this time of year. The city of Denver is a hotspot for restaurants, breweries, and culture. The state’s wide-open spaces include the Rocky Mountains and the Wild Animal Sanctuary that is home to more than 650 rescued lions, tigers, bears, and other large predator animals. Cities such as Denver, Aurora, Loveland, and Englewood have multiple spots available for travel nurses. Interestingly, the city of Pueblo (less than 2 hours drive from Denver) is offering record-high pay for travel nurses right now!

Massachusetts Travel nurse sitting watching sunset skyline3. Travel Healthcare Jobs in Massachusetts

With more than 25 wineries, the Whale Trail is an adventure of whale watching tours and attractions, public gardens in full bloom, breath-stealing coastlines, forested woodlands, and endless hiking and biking trails, the Bay State is also a favorite spot for history gurus. Boston isn’t the only interesting city, and these other cities offer exciting travel nurse opportunities as well: Pittsfield, Rochdale, and Concord.

travel nurse standing on cliff in North Carolina4. Travel Healthcare Jobs in North Carolina

The south has a reputation for being muggy and hot during the summer months, but in the springtime when the weather is milder and the flowers are in full bloom is a lovely time to pick a travel nurse contract here. Asheville doesn’t receive the attention that its sister cities of Raleigh, Charlotte, and Fayetteville do, it’s a hidden gem. It’s home to an adrenaline-pumping zipline, a natural mega-sized water slide (60ft long!), a hot music scene, and is frequently rated as one of the happiest cities in the country. Bonus for travel nurses right now, is that we have multiple travel contracts offering over $55 an hour in Asheville. What’s not to love about this city? Other cities in the state offering impressive pay packages include Marion, and Brevard.  Don’t forget to explore the Outer Banks islands off the coast while you’re there!

travel nurse relaxing by waterfall during travel nursing assignment in TN5. Travel Healthcare Jobs in Tennessee

Honky-tonk music lovers should check out Tennessee this spring. Nashville is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry, and a line dancing live music paradise. Moreover, the state is well known for its charming smaller towns. They offer amazing mountain adventures, quaint historic downtown shops and restaurants, a NASCAR Speedway, and underground Bristol Caverns. Check out our travel contracts available in Nashville, Bristol, Kingsport, Greeneville, and Erwin.

travel nurse on assignment in Arkansas6. Travel Healthcare Jobs in Kansas

The Sunflower State doesn’t typically come to mind when it comes to tourism, and it’s a shame. This cowboy state is miles of wide-open spaces, friendly people, stellar barbecue, and little-known outdoor wonders such as the Flint Hills, Coronado Heights, and waterfall beauties such as Geary Falls, and Prather Creek Falls. You also won’t want to miss the epic space museum in Hutchinson called the Cosmosphere. We have several high-paying travel nurse contracts in rural locations such as Belleville, Atwood, and Liberal. However, if you prefer city life for your day-to-day experiences the city of Wichita is offering impressive pay packages for multiple travel nurse positions as well.

travel nurse in Idaho walking down a path with the sunset in background7. Travel Healthcare Jobs in Idaho

Idaho may be known for its potatoes, but this state offers more than big spuds. Home to Hell’s Canyon (deeper than even the Grand Canyon, is a lesser-known wonder to explore. Travel nurses who love the outdoors should explore the Boise River Greenbelt via biking or walking. While the Rocky Mountains in Colorado garner quite a bit of press for vacation skiers and snowboarders, Idaho’s world-class ski resorts offer lower costs, with arguably more epic trails, perfect powder, and all underneath sunny blue skies. Check out our high-paying travel jobs for nurses and allied healthcare professionals available currently in Boise, Twin Falls, and Mountain Home.

That’s it for our list of gems for this spring. Take a look not only at what the contract has to offer, but what opportunities the surrounding area has to offer. You may surprise yourself with what you learn and what you learn to love. Travel nursing is more than a career, it’s a lifestyle. One that accepts wanderlust as a natural characteristic that can be nurtured and thrive. Take a look at our travel nurse jobs here, or call and talk to a recruiter today. Share what type of experience you are looking for, and we’ll work to match you up and settle into your next destination experience.