Recognizing Travel Nurses During Nurses Appreciation Week 2022

Recognizing Travel Nurses During Nurses Appreciation Week 2022

Travel nurses, May 6 – May 12 is Nurses Week nationwide, and lucky for you all, there are appreciation deals to be found, no matter where your contract location landed you this week.

Nurses Rank as Honest and Ethical 20 Years Running

Over and over again, for two decades now, the profession of nursing has landed a spot on the Gallup (a major analytics company) professional rankings list for high honesty and strong ethics. This should only be surprising to anyone who has not heard about the global pandemic we’ve been collectively battling against the last few years. Nevertheless, the lack of surprise does not diminish the impressiveness of the rating!

Nurses have been the privates, the lieutenants, the sergeants, the admirals, the colonels, and the generals in the exhausting crusade against COVID 19, and while nurses have suffered as a result of burnout, exhaustion, depression, compassion fatigue, communities have rallied and media outlets have been telling our stories both big and small shining light on our contributions and accomplishments, and our tears, joys, and successes.

The trust our nation has in our profession has not waned over the years, and while we might not experience gratitude often from our patients directly, the Gallup rankings and the heightened awareness that everyday civilians have about the work we do can be a bit of a balm for a weary nurse. So, take heart nurses, the work you have done and continue to do, or will do, matters deeply.

Nurses Appreciation Origins

May 12th is the birth date of Florence Nightingale, however, the Nurses Appreciation campaign hasn’t always aligned with “The Lady with the Lamp”. In 1953, President Eisenhower was petitioned to proclaim a Nurse Day but went unanswered. The following year (1954) a bill proposing a nurse week was sponsored, and in 1955 a bill was actually introduced to congress that proposed a national nurse week but ultimately was left inactive. Fast forward almost twenty years, to 1972 when the House of Representatives presented a resolution to the president to declare a National Registered Nurses Day that again failed to come to fruition. Finally, in 1974, nurses decided they didn’t have to wait for official government endorsement, and the International Council of Nurses (ICN) declared May 12th International Nurse Day. Following the ICN’s declaration in that same year, President Nixon proclaimed National Nurse Week.

From 1974 to the present day, nurse appreciation dates and timelines have had some adjustments, yet the actual community-level awareness of nurse appreciation has exploded in the last few years. With proper research, we could likely attribute that to a number of factors, and yet it seems there are two glaringly obvious reasons: the COVID 19 pandemic and the social media boom.

Nurse Appreciation Deals

Free Crocs – Crocs, people tend to have strong opinions on whether or not they like Crocs, but there is no denying they have a fan base among nurses and healthcare professionals. The company’s campaign “Free Pair for Healthcare” is ‘a go’ again this year.

Chipotle Mexican Grill – very few people these days will admit it if they don’t love Chipotle. What’s not to love? A salad, burrito, or bowl, and uber fresh ingredients (don’t forget the guacamole, it may cost extra but it is so worth it) is a delicious meal any time of the year, and we’re super excited about their offer this year. They’ve announced that they are giving 1,000 healthcare professionals free Chipotle for a year. Check out their site for the details on how you can get yourself in the running.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop – nurses get a free cookie or regular-sized soda when they purchase an entree, the deal is for dine-in only, and you’ll want to make sure you have your nurse work badge.

Free Pork Big Deal is on offer for nurses at Sonny’s BBQ. Sign up for the coupon here but ensure you get your coupon pre-verified before you head to the restaurant.

A free six-pack of cookies along with in-store purchases of a minimum of $5 at Insomnia Cookies all week long. You’ll need your ID to verify and this is a one-time offer per nurse, apologies to you cookie monsters.

Nekter Juicer Bar will offer 16-ounce smoothies for just $3 to nurses on Friday of this week, ID required.

Free drink of any size on Friday to nurses and healthcare workers at Scooter’s Coffee.

Marble Slab Creamery offering nurses a BOGO for a small ice cream on Friday, grab a coworker at the end of your shift, and split the cost!

20% discount for prescription eyewear for nurses at Eyemart Express! Maybe this is the week to get those funky frames you’ve been secretly crushing on.

Big names such as Samsung, Reebok, Adidas, Nike, LL Bean, and Levi’s are all offering exclusive deals, but you’ll need to go through a verification process through a third party such as or Check their websites for details on how to snag these exciting deals.

Be sure you verify with the restaurant before ordering your nurses’ appreciation treats, sometimes there are select locations that opt-out of deals or simply run out of stock. This list is by no means exhaustive; it doesn’t hurt to ask if the vender you are frequenting has some sort of a healthcare professional discount on offer, you might surprise yourself with what you find out.

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