Per Diem Nursing Jobs

Work Your Own Way with Per Diem Nursing Jobs

No set schedules. No mandatory weekends. Top pay rates. Per diem nursing jobs offer a lot of flexibility and enticing pay rates for registered nurses. What does “per diem” mean? “Per diem” is a Latin term that technically means “by the day”. Per diem RN jobs are those in which the nurse is not hired for a permanent or temporary nursing contract on a specific unit, rather they are hired by the shift and they work where they are needed most in a healthcare facility. You can also find the highest paying travel nursing jobs and read more about the difference between travel and per diem nursing here. As one of the leading healthcare staffing agencies in the United States, we work alongside some of the nation’s best registered nurses as we place them on per diem nursing jobs locally and nationally. When you work with Elite Specialty Staffing as a per diem registered nurse, you can enjoy knowing that we will always support you to advance your nursing career, and that weoffer:
  • Exclusive opportunities
  • No weekend or holiday requirements
  • Available overtime and bonuses

Why Do Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities Use Per Diem Nurses?

Just as the registered nurse can benefit from a “no strings attached” per diem nursing arrangement by working at facilities only when they choose: employers also benefit. It takes a ton of staff members, in particular nurses, to keep a hospital or healthcare facility up and running. Depending on the hospital’s patient census, those needs fluctuate greatly from week to week. Day to day. Even, shift to shift. By hiring per diem nurses, healthcare staffing agencies can help cover the needs of communities on an “as needed” basis. This hiring model saves the hospital or healthcare facility money because they can avoid hiring any permanent registered nurses for a temporary medical staffing need, such as during flu season.

Benefits of Working Per Diem as a Registered Nurse

Are you a nurse that marches to the beat of your own drum? Do you enjoy variety and working on different units? Maybe you even like the idea of traveling to different hospitals for work. A per diem nurse is not an RN who is employed to work for just one division of a hospital, rather a per diem nurse often works on a variety of units, and quite often at more than one hospital or healthcare facility. Some of the enticing benefits of working as a per diem nurse include:
  • Per diem nursing is exciting and challenging
  • It allows you to work in a variety of places before committing to a permanent position
  • Total flexibility with work hours allows you to work around home and family schedules

Per Diem RN Jobs Tailored to Your Schedule

Work your way, every day, when you choose per diem nursing jobs with our nurse staffing agency, Elite Specialty Staffing. We can help you find many opportunities for per diem RN jobs anywhere in the country west of Colorado and Texas, although our medical staffing solutions are used primarily throughout Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. If you’re wondering, “How can I find registered nurse staffing near me?” – we can help. Several nursing agency jobs are posted to our platform on a daily basis.