Top 10 Summer Travel Nursing Job Destinations: Plan Ahead

Top 10 Summer Travel Nursing Job Destinations: Plan Ahead

Yes, spring has sprung but we’re talking about summer already. You need to get your summer travel nursing job lined up! We are not sure what COVID will do this summer, but we do know that waiting to organize your summer travel nursing assignment is a poor choice. The longer you wait, the fewer opportunities you will find. Don’t pick up a subpar contract due to procrastination.

So how do you decide where to be looking for this summer? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve lined up our top ten destinations for the summer months this year, so read on.

1. Travel Nursing Jobs in Colorado

Denver, Grand Junction, and Aurora are some of our favorite towns in the beautiful state that’s a beloved home and destination for those of us who love the mountain outdoors. Summer months in the mountains mean skiing and other winter sports are off the table. But what a glorious time of year to hike and camp the trails, see the amazing wildlife at the Wild Animal Sanctuary, or take in the views via helicopter or hot air balloon.

2. Travel Nursing Jobs in Montana

Big Timer and Great Falls are just a few of the Montana towns that are in need of nurses this summer. We have several contracts available in the wide-open spaces of the Big Sky Country state. It offers gorgeous sunsets and is home to the awe-inspiring geysers and natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park. Spend your downtime enjoying culinary Montana treasures cooked bison or elk meat and learn to ride horseback.

3. Travel Nursing Jobs in New Mexico

This one is best saved for the end of summer, typically September is best. It’ll still be warm but the yearly monsoon season will have finished leaving everything fresh and vibrant as the season begins to turn toward autumn. We have contracts available in several towns and cities in the Land of Enchantment state including Santa Fe and Rio Rancho. Stargazing will become a frequent delight for you in the evenings here and you just might find yourself at a Star Party. With three UNESCO World Heritage sites, and tons of outdoor sports activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, biking, and hiking you’ll find your days off full and satisfying.

4. Travel Nursing Jobs in California

California is a favorite because of the beaches and the notoriously high pay for travel nurses. However, the state offers much beauty and magic further inland. Yosemite is most alluring in June as the waterfalls are bursting and flowers blooming. Sequoia National Park is yet another non-beach wonder you need on your bucket list. We have many travel nurse contracts all over the state, so pick an inland wonder and sign yourself up to be nearby.

5. Travel Nursing Jobs in Alaska

Alaska intimidates some nurses because it’s so far north, but it shouldn’t! Go in the summertime to a travel nursing job in Alaska if you don’t like to be cold. Alaska is gorgeous with or without snow, and the summer months boast sunny days that are shockingly long. Mid to late August is when the season for the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) begins, and whale watching is best April through September.

6. Travel Nursing Jobs in Washington

Travel nurses often overlook Washington when they consider jobs on the West Coast. It doesn’t have the same famously green-hippy vibe as its south border neighbor Oregon, nor does it have the star power of Hollywood. It is, however, home to the exotic wilderness of Olympic National Park. This national park includes gorgeous poetic vistas of misty cliffs, raging waterfalls, and mountains all shadowed in moss and ferns. The waters off the coast are cold because of their geographic location so don’t expect many beachy days for swimming. Even so, the waters off the coast are perfect for surfing if you have a wetsuit.

7. Travel Nursing Jobs in Hawaii

Yes, you knew this would make the list. Hawaii is one of the jewels that everyone wants to see, and if you’re keen to get a contract for Hawaii, then now is the time nurse! Hawaii is a competitive location because it’s so popular. Our contracts for this location this summer won’t be available for long. This is one spot in particular that you’ll never get if you wait until too close to summer to plan.

8. Travel Nursing Jobs in Illinois

The Shawnee National Forest, the Garden of the Gods, and Jackson Falls are three hot spots in Illinois to see, the trails, the waterfalls, the caves, and the cliffs that you’ll discover while exploring will delight and distract you on hot summer days. Chicago is home to tons of fun comes to travel nursing jobs in Illinois. The windy city can be cold and, well, windy for quite a bit of the year, so summer can be a convenient time to discover deep-dish pizza and the shopping on Michigan Avenue.

9. Travel Nursing Jobs in Tennessee

Nashville and Memphis are two cities in this state that you music lovers cannot ignore. These cities aren’t very touristy. Expect to meet friendly people, listen to lots of new music, and experience the rich southern cuisine. That’s not all though. Explore underground waterfalls and stalagmites in Tuckaleechee Caverns and white water rafting in Chattanooga are just a few outdoor favorites when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

10. Travel Nursing Jobs in Vermont

Pick your own produce. Meet the cows. Learn about maple syrup processing this summer in Vermont. Vermont is another state that receives little attention when it comes to travel nursing jobs, but I don’t know why actually. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches in Vermont during the summer months along Lake Champlain where the water is crystal clear. Check out Green Mountain National Forest either by bike or with good shoes and consider doing the Delaware & Hudson Trail which will take you along farms, rivers, and towns. The cities have bike trails and the communities are welcoming and friendly.

There you have it, our top 10 picks for this summer. If you are the type of nurse who always does hot sunny beaches in the summer, consider trying something different this year. You’ll notice a lot of spots on this list focus on the outdoor activities available, and that is intentional. With coronavirus still a concern, we know the emotional toll can be heavy. Being able to experience the outdoors is not only relatively easy to accomplish with social distancing, but can be good for your mind, your body, and your soul.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to book your travel nurse contract for the summer! Give us a call!