Travel Nursing Industry Growth: A 2020 Market Report Analysis

Travel Nursing Industry Growth: A 2020 Market Report Analysis

After a dip in travel nursing jobs as the US economy began to reopen in states nationwide, travel nursing jobs are on the rise again. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, community health departments, surgery centers, and free standing clinics are back in business. The future of travel nursing is secure for now, according to a global Report of Travel Nursing Staffing Market that was recently released.

The Year 2020 for a Travel Nurse in Summary

The year has been a tumultuous one to say the least for travel nurses. Nursing and health organizations worldwide agreed to launch a focused campaign for the year, advocacy in the name of the nursing profession. You can read a more in depth account about the expectations and the hopes for the campaign in our post, “2020 is the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife“.

Then the novel coronavirus hit our shores as it devastated Europe. Therefore, our focus became that of a collective survival, and crisis response. The campaign itself became no more than a whisper, as attentions turned pointedly to learning more about the virus, how to treat it, and how to find the staff necessary to work in the trenches of the almost apocalyptic hotspots. The search for nurses and clinicians to respond to the assault of patients battling COVID 19 became, inadvertently, a spotlight on the travel nursing profession. We began to see some of the highest pay rates in the industry we’ve ever seen. Furthermore, the media and our population as a whole began to understand the importance of the nursing industry and the adversity that accompanies nurse shortages.

As states shut down, all medical services that weren’t considered urgent or absolutely necessary; clinicians who were working in the private sectors, or the elective procedure sectors found themselves furloughed or even laid off as healthcare systems hemorrhaging money tried to cut costs. Travel nurses who weren’t signed up for crisis response contracts found their travel contracts delayed or canceled. For a more about the fluctuations occurring during the pandemic shut down, read our post “COVID-19 Crisis Creates Fluctuations in the Demand for Nurses“.

What Are the Market Reports?

There are three big market reports that have been released that apply to the travel nursing industry. They are:

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 What Are the Market Reports Saying?

All three reports are in depth and highly analytical, but one thing they all have in common is that they all forecast growth for the industry. Which means job security and career growth for nurses.

Travel Nursing Staffing Market Report Summary

  • This report forecasts that the travel nursing staffing market will expand and grow, all while garnering high revenues through to the year 2025.
  • It focuses on the markets in what it identifies as “important countries” including Germany, France, Canada, the United States, Mexico, India, Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and Nigeria.
  • It reviews and summarizes the competition between travel nursing healthcare agencies.
  • It analyzes factors that will drive the market and affect growth.
  • It illustrates sales patterns, market share, remuneration, pricing models, and estimates for profit.
  • It researches and analyzes the pandemic impact on the travel nursing industry.

Hospital Staffing Market Report Summary

  • This report is a systematic analysis for predicting and forecasting investment opportunities for market players.
  • Its benchmarks are identified by analyzing market size, growth rate, and attractiveness.
  • It forecasts that the global hospital staffing industry will grow from USD 29.59 billion to USD 47.34 billion by the year 2026.
  • It identifies the high demand for nurses as being a key driver of the market.

Temporary Nurse Staffing Market Summary

  • This report analyzes the temporary nurse staffing industry in its current state.
  • It reviews market strategies and trends.
  • It discusses consumption of the market.
  • It reveals and reviews major drivers of the market industry.
  • It identifies both opportunities and threats to the market.
  • It defines and classifies product types in the market: Travel Nurses, PRN nurses, Locum Tenens, and others.

We are pleased to see so much attention and dedication to research in the industry. Media has not been silent to the field of nursing this year, as we’ve already discussed. However, these in-depth analyses and forecasts show a seriousness and an interest in the industry that is positive.

We at Elite Specialty Staffing love our work, and we love that we connect nurses with jobs that enable them to see our great nation, experience new cultures, taste new foods, and make new neighbors, friends, and work connections.

As our communities, towns, cities, and economies are finding a new normal, so too are our talented and dedicate travel nurses. Healthcare systems in big cities, and rural hospitals nationwide are back in business and in need of qualified nurses willing to travel, and willing to work hard.

Take a look at our job opportunities to start dreaming of where you want to go next. Read some of our blogs to get a feel for the industry as well. If you have questions, browse our FAQ section, there might be questions that you hadn’t even thought of.

We are proud to offer lucrative benefits for our travel nurses including:

  • High Pay and Bonuses
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance from Day One
  • Free Private Housing or Generous Housing Allowance
  • Tax Advantage Plan
  • Weekly Payroll Deposit
  • Free Online CEUs
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Traveler Rewards and Discounts
  • Travel and Licensure Reimbursements

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