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Case Management Nursing Specialty and Why Travel Nurses Love This Field

Case management RNs work a more holistic approach than only administering to their patients’ immediate needs. A case management travel nurse will often have responsibilities intended for longer-term outcomes. These responsibilities can include but are not limited to:

  • Designing plans of care;
  • Coordinating the care of patients across disciplines;
  • Scheduling appointments; and
  • Referring follow-up care services to assist in reducing facility readmission numbers.

Case management nurses use their knowledge and experience in the healthcare field to assist patients and their families in understanding where and what services are accessible to them. Often these roles include advocating for the patient and serving as a liaison between patients and insurance companies.

Increasingly, the healthcare field is turning to what is called a “group population health” approach to providing care, which has in turn increased the demand for nurses who work in case management. A group population health approach takes the wider view of a group as a whole as opposed to that of an individual. Case management travel nurses work to identify ways a certain group of the population can be healthier, which includes looking outside the formal healthcare systems. This approach looks at prevention, community supports, and health education for better outcomes for groups of the population. The group that a case management travel nurse works with can vary greatly. Examples of groups include persons diagnosed with cancer or HIV or persons diagnosed with mental health issues.

Stepping back from working with individuals, to assessing groups of the population as a whole can be an intriguing specialty for RNs who have perhaps noted over time that they want to feel they have a wide-reaching impact. Some case management nurses will serve on interdisciplinary teams in healthcare facilities, some will find jobs in acute care settings, others in the community and public health centers, and still others in rehabilitation facilities.

Nurses who work in case management are also often in a supervisory role of other RNs. They must have or learn to have strong leadership skills, discernment to know when a delegation of tasks is appropriate, and research skills to learn about their community services and new treatment opportunities.

Case management nurses play a vital role in the process of reducing healthcare costs in our nation. Their valuable work contributes to workplace efficiency, reducing costly readmissions for patients, cutting spending, and overall improving patient health outcomes. If you are looking for a niche that remains broad and yet connects you to the community, that utilizes your medical knowledge and skills but maybe less directly, then perhaps working toward a career in case management is for you.

Job Skills / Requirements for Case Management Travel Nurses:

  • Valid BLS from the American Heart Association
  • A valid professional license within the state of practice
  • Specialty-related certifications are preferred and may be required for specific travel nurse positions
  • Proof of right to work in the United States
  • Case management hospital experience

Case Management Travel Nurse Salary and Job Outlook

As the United States shifts to a group population health approach to healthcare delivery, the demand for experienced travel case management nurses continues to rise. This trend is expected to increase in the coming years.

Travel nurses who work in case management report high levels of satisfaction as they are instrumental in helping patients get engaged in their care and achieve the best possible outcomes. Case management travel nurse pay is highly competitive, and your exact salary depends greatly on the facility and its geographical location. Elite Specialty Staffing also offers referral bonuses and other incentives that can further increase pay. Case management travel nurses who work with Elite Specialty Staffing can choose to take free, private, luxurious housing, or a generous housing subsidy. When you work as a case management travel nurse with Elite Specialty Staffing, you will gain all the lucrative travel nursing benefits we offer. Apply today!

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