High-Paying Travel Nursing Jobs for specialists | 2022

Occupational Health Specialty & Travel Nursing Jobs

Registered nurses who find themselves drawn to assessing health and safety in their own workplace environments, should consider specializing as an occupational health registered nurse (OHN). OHNs develop and provide health and safety programs, and work to protect employers and employees from and prevent health and safety hazards in the workplace.

Prevention is one of the main goals of an OHN. Consider the various health and safety risks in any workplace, and then imagine a person coming in to first assess and evaluate those risks and then recommend policies, procedures, and improvements to mitigate those risks. That person is usually an OHN.

Travel nurses working in occupational health will find jobs not only focusing on the prevention and promotion of health and safety in work environments, but also jobs that serve to investigate reports of workplace injuries and illnesses and provide treatment. Additionally, as an occupational health travel RN, one will find that while the job opportunities within hospitals and healthcare facilities and clinics abound, this specialty is also often hired in many other workplace professions.

Employers often rely on OHNs to help mitigate costs because of their focus on prevention. Employees who incur work-related injuries and illnesses cost their employers not only for their medical needs (which can vary but could rise to the level of workman’s compensation, or a disability claim), but also their time away from work, and the potential need for hiring to fill a gap. OHNs play a vital role in lowering employer costs, which benefits the employees’ health and safety as well.

To investigate employee reports of workplace illnesses and injuries, the OHN would likely consult the employee’s medical history, investigate the workplace circumstances from the report, and potentially conduct alcohol and drug tests. Compiling all this information and piecing it together to make a determination is an important role of any occupational health travel nurse.

Occupational health nurses must learn or possess certain skills to be successful. Attention to detail is an important part of investigating and assessing the potential for health and safety risks in any workplace environment. The ability to make recommendations regarding the improvement of current policies and procedures and the implementation of said improvements based on the completed assessment is a skill that can be learned and becomes a more natural experience. An interest in and knowledge of the business can be a helpful skill for communicating with the employer and developing and implementing the recommended improvements.

Job Skills / Requirements for Occupational Health Nurses:

  • Valid BLS from the American Heart Association
  • A valid professional license within the state of practice
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) credentialing through the American Heart Association is recommended and may be required for specific registered nurses and travel nurse positions
  • Other specialty-related certifications are preferred and may be required for specific positions
  • Proof of right to work in the United States
  • Experience as a long-term care nurse

Occupational Health Travel Nurse Salary and Job Outlook

As workplaces try to improve internal processes and mitigate risk, they rely on occupational health nurses to create a safer environment. There is a substantial need for travel nurses who work in occupational health, and this demand is expected to stay steady over the next few years. Occupational health travel nurse pay is highly competitive and the salary that you earn will depend largely upon the facility and its geographical location.

Elite Specialty Staffing also offers referral bonuses and other incentives that can further increase pay. Occupational health travel nurses who work with Elite Specialty Staffing can choose to take free, private, luxurious housing, or a generous housing subsidy. When you work as an OHN who travels with Elite Specialty Staffing, you will gain all the lucrative travel nursing benefits we offer. Apply today!


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