High-Paying Travel Nursing Jobs in New Jersey | 2022

High-Paying Travel Nursing Jobs in New Jersey

Find Out Why Travel RNs Love Picking Up Contract Jobs in the Garden State

Are you looking for a travel healthcare job in a lively urban spot? Maybe you want a hot nightlife scene. Maybe you want the beaches. Maybe you want awesome outdoor trails and unique activities for your downtime. With a little over nine million residents living in the fourth-smallest state, the Granite State is urban and lively. But you might not have realized that there’s so much more to New Jersey than Atlantic City and attitude!

Travel nurses in New Jersey can enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches of the Jersey Shore on their days off. Take advantage of the boardwalks near Atlantic City for beach fun and exciting nighttime entertainment or enroll in surfing classes and hit the waves!

New Jersey offers lots of beautiful trails for hikers. Check out the Red Dot Trail that goes up Mount Tammany. That trail in just half a mile goes up 1,500 feet. Hike to crystal clear glacial waters of Sunfish Pond or do portions of the 72 miles of the Appalachian Trail that cuts through the state.

Hot air ballooning is another unique experience New Jersey travel nurses can enjoy. Imagine floating up and away over beautiful green forests and looking down with the wind on your face! Or, if you want the wind in your face but with more velocity, sky diving is another popular activity available.

It goes without saying, that Atlantic City will deliver awesome nightlife entertainment. However, across the state, you can find a nightlife scene for you. New Jersey nightlife is diverse and ranges from dive bars to quirky and hipster-y lounges, to beers and live music, to delicious daiquiris and DJs and dancing.

The job market in New Jersey is nothing to worry about for you. Home healthcare and nursing are some of the fastest-growing job fields in the state. When you work with Elite Specialty Staffing, their benefits, and the New Jersey travel nurse pay can make this exciting urban life your reality. Check out the travel nursing jobs in New Jersey today!

Resources for New Jersey Travel Nurses

If you are considering taking a travel nursing job in New Jersey, be sure that all your registered nursing licenses and credentials are up to date. Check out the New Jersey Board of Nursing’s website for further information about the nursing regulations in the state of New Jersey.

Work with Elite Specialty Staffing to Enjoy Lucrative Travel Nursing Benefits:

  • High Pay and Bonuses
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Generous Housing Allowance
  • Tax Advantage Plan
  • Weekly Payroll Deposit
  • Traveler Rewards and Discounts
  • Travel and Licensure Reimbursements

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