High-Paying Travel Nursing Jobs in Rhode Island | 2022

Find High-Paying Travel Nursing Jobs in Rhode Island

Learn Why Travel RNs and LPNs Enjoy Travel Assignments in this State

Are you considering “Little Rhody” for your next travel healthcare job destination? If you are wanting a place that is home to over 400 miles of coastline, home to posh cities like Newport and Providence, has tons of outdoor activities,

For travel nurses in Rhode Island who love to be outdoors when they’re off shift, there’s lots of stuff to do here. Rhode Island is a small state geographically, but they’ve got more than 60 miles of off-road bike trails. Lincoln Woods State Park is a great place to get try your bouldering skills on granite. The “Great Slab/Wave” is considered a rite of passage for rock climbers so be sure to check that one off. And don’t forget all the outdoor activities associated with beach life! Hit the waves with your surfboard at the Mohegan Bluffs or Vaill Beach.

You know what all that coastline means for your tummy, right? Rhode Island travel nurses become connoisseurs of fresh seafood: calamari, lobster, oysters, clams and so much more. Rhode Island has clam shacks all over. What is a clam shack? Well, it’s fast, it’s also fresh, it’s seafood, and it’s no-frills. It’s fast food, coastline style. Or if you want a fresh and fancy experience, try an oyster bar or get a recommendation from a local!

Travel nursing jobs in Rhode Island should appeal to nurses who appreciate the performing arts. Little Rhody has a great performing arts scene. Check out a classic Broadway musical, or an experimental theater, or a dance performance. Possibilities abound!

Consider all the ways you can enrich your life outside of the workplace in Rhode Island: the arts, the ocean, the great outdoors, the food! Next, consider the great Rhode Island travel nurse pay, and all the benefits you get when you team up with Elite Specialty Staffing. This is a great opportunity for you!

Resources for Rhode Island Travel Nurses

If you are considering taking a travel nursing job in Rhode Island, be sure that all your registered nursing licenses and credentials are up to date. Check out the Rhode Island Board of Nursing’s website for further information about the nursing regulations in the state of Rhode Island.

Work with Elite Specialty Staffing to Enjoy Lucrative Travel Nursing Benefits:

  • High Pay and Bonuses
  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance from Day One
  • Free Private Housing or Generous Housing Allowance
  • Tax Advantage Plan
  • Weekly Payroll Deposit
  • Free Online CEUs
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Traveler Rewards and Discounts
  • Travel and Licensure Reimbursements

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