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Operating Room
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Nov 1st 2021
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Operating Room

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Operating Room (OR) Travel Nurses

Travel nurses working in the operating room serve a vital function to any surgical team. Considering that your role is as a temporary employee filling an employment gap, you can be assured that your position is crucial to the successful functioning of your team.

These positions are in high demand and because of the possibility of emergency surgeries, you may expect to be "on-call" over weekends or holidays. Duties performed by operating room travel nurses typically include the following tasks:

  • Assessment of patients before surgery
  • Coordination of patients' surgical care
  • Assisting doctors or surgeons during surgery
  • Monitoring of patients' vital signs during surgery
  • Preservation of the sterile operating room
  • Service as a liaison between the surgical team and patient family
  • Collaboration with surgical team

Operating room travel nurses must have excellent communication skills. A surgical team includes medical professions of different disciplines, and of course, different personalities. You need to be able to keep calm and professional in a high-tension atmosphere. Your communication skills aren't only necessary for the surgical team, but also for when you communicate with the patients' families. Your attention to detail is another vital skill for this specialty. Attention to detail will serve you well in an operating room assisting with a surgery or monitoring the patients' vital signs during the surgery. Problem solving and critical thinking skills are necessary in this specialty. You must be able to judge a changing situation quickly and think of solutions on the fly. Seconds matter in the operating room, so you must be calm and quick under pressure.

Once you've obtained enough experience in the operating room, you might consider certification for this specialty. The CNOR (Certified Nurse Operating Room) certification is a logical step if you are looking to advance your career in this specialty.

Operating Room registered nurses can work in several different medical facility settings:

  • Outpatient Surgical Centers
  • University Teaching Hospitals
  • Children's Hospitals
  • Advanced Trauma Centers

The variety of clinical settings available in this specialty, increase the likelihood that you can find a position as an operating room travel RN in the geographical location of your choosing. Go to the mountains, the desert, the plains, or the beach. If there is an operating room nearby you can enjoy those fun free time pursuits while you pursue your career.

Job Skills / Requirements:

  • Valid BLS and ACLS from the American Heart Association
  • A valid professional license within the state of practice
  • Certified Nurse Operating Room (CNOR) credential is recommended and may be required for specific registered nurses and travel nurse positions
  • Specialty-related certifications are preferred and may be required for specific positions
  • Proof of right to work in the United States
  • Experience as an OR nurse

Operating Room Travel Nurse Salary and Job Outlook

To work as a travel nurse in this specialty requires a nurse to have a lot of experience. As such, the salary for an operating room nurse is substantial, and typically higher than the salary of an entry-level travel nurse.

OR travel nurses who work with Elite Specialty Staffing can choose to take free, private, luxurious housing, or a generous housing subsidy. When you work as an operating room travel nurse with Elite Specialty Staffing, you will gain all the lucrative travel nursing benefits we offer. Apply today!

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Travel Nursing Jobs in Connecticut

Water skiing in the summer. Berry-picking in the spring. Leaf festivals in the fall. Skiing in the winter. Connecticut is truly a state of four seasons. The time of the year in which you take a travel nursing assignment in Connecticut will influence your experience in the “Nutmeg State”.

That’s not the only nickname that Connecticut goes by. Other ones include the “Constitution State” and the “Provisions State”. What’s so amazing about signing on to travel nursing jobs in Connecticut is that because it’s such a small state, it makes it easy to travel by car anywhere you want to go! Not only is interstate travel a breeze, but you’re also within a short driving distance to New York City, Boston, and other urban destinations in the region.

As the suburban communities expanded across the state - they brought with them various options for dining and convenient shopping throughout the quaint towns in Connecticut. There are some towns in this state that appeal to travel nurses because they have been able to retain their old-town charm through the conversion of mills and factories into mixed-use districts, such as Mystic, Farmington, and Simsbury.

If you want to check out a major city, look at travel nursing jobs in Hartford, Connecticut where you can visit the Mark Twain House and Museum to get an interesting history lesson. If you’re into arts, other places you need to check out include Old Saybrook and the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center. Not to mention, travel nurses in Connecticut can also visit the Wadsworth Atheneum, which is the very first public art museum in the United States.

Want to visit an amusement park while you’re working your Connecticut travel nursing assignment? You need to visit Lake Compounce, which is the oldest continuously operating amusement park in North America! There are also many farms throughout this New England state, and if you plan on traveling with a partner or family, you might want to check out some farm activities and pick some berries while you’re at it.

If you are looking at travel nursing jobs in Connecticut, you will be pleased to know that this stretch of shoreline is notorious for being a very relaxing and peaceful location that’s great for sightseeing. If you’re up for an adventure, you can even drive to Montreal, Canada which is just beautiful during the fall months when the leaves are changing colors.

Resources for Connecticut Travel Nurses

If you are considering taking a travel nursing job in Connecticut, be sure that all your registered nursing licenses and credentials are up to date. Check out the Connecticut Board of Nursing’s website for further information about the nursing regulations in the state of Connecticut.

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  • Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Generous Housing Allowance
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  • Travel and Licensure Reimbursements