What are the Different Travel Nursing Specialties

What are the Different Travel Nursing Specialties

Are you thinking about travel nursing but still wondering which field is right for you? Explore our top travel nursing specialties to learn more:

Cardiac Cath Lab (CCL) Travel Nurses

To work in the highly-specialized field of cardiac cath labs, you must be prepared for a position that is rewarding and demanding. Cardiac catheterization is the insertion of a catheter into a vessel or chamber of the heart to diagnose or treat heart conditions. Nurses in these roles work by assisting the doctor performing the procedure.

Case Management Travel Nurses

If you have a passion for being a voice for your patients, then you might enjoy a career as a traveling case management nurse. They serve as advocates for their patients as they help to navigate them through their various healthcare treatments.

Case management nurses care for people during any stage of life, including those who sustained injuries and others who are near the end of life. A good candidate to be a case management travel nurse is someone who is efficient and organized and has strengths in compassion, communication, and advocacy.

Dialysis Tech Travel Nurses

Are you into saving lives? Of course you are! That’s probably one of the reasons you chose to be a nurse in the first place. If you work in the specialty of dialysis, you are saving lives every day by operating the dialysis machine for patients.

Basically, these machines act as giant artificial kidneys, and they filter and remove excess waste and fluids throughout the body. Patients who are on dialysis are those who have had a kidney damaged, impaired, or absent as a result of disease, injury, surgery, or kidney failure. A good dialysis tech travel nurse is one who is self-motivated, responsible, meticulous, and diligent.

Emergency Room Travel Nurses

If you want an exciting and fast-paced career as a travel nurse (and don’t mind seeing a pool of blood from time to time), then you might want to consider being an emergency room (ER) travel nurse. This is a thrilling and rewarding area of nursing that allows you to play a very critical role in the lives of patients by caring for those in the most precarious times of their lives.

Home Health Travel Nurses

This is a very personal role in nursing and requires a nurse who is skilled in communication and is responsible as well as trustworthy. As a travel nurse working in home healthcare, you are given the rare opportunity to deliver care to patients in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. There is freedom and independence in this line of work as you will perform your job autonomously and you travel to the patients’ homes. You also avoid the hustle and bustle of hospital jobs and develop rewarding and trusting relationships with patients and their family members.

ICU Travel Nurses

Do you want to provide care for your patients in the time of their lives when they need it the most? Then you might be suited for a career as an ICU travel nurse. This is also referred to as critical care nursing and it’s a challenging and exciting field not meant for the faint of heart. In this role, you will be able to put your knowledge and skills to work in order to save lives.

Labor and Delivery Travel Nurses

Who doesn’t love taking care of mothers and babies? If you work as a labor and delivery travel nurse, you will be there to coach women through the most transformative experience in life – childbirth. It’s a highly rewarding field but it comes with enormous responsibility. If something starts to go wrong, it’s up to you to make the right calls to get the mother or baby the help they need fast.

MedSurg Travel Nurses

This is the largest group of all the different types of nurses in the field. These nurses are responsible for the delivery of direct patient care in the hospital setting. It has long been viewed as an entry-level position, but it is a bedrock foundation in healthcare, and many will call this the most demanding role for nurses.

NICU Travel Nurses

NICU is an acronym for the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of a hospital. These nurses work with babies who are born prematurely and require immediate, intensive medical attention. NICU nurses will formulate plans of care and implement and evaluate the effectiveness of the course of treatment.

Operating Room Travel Nurses

If guts and gore don’t bother you and you want to work in an area of a hospital with fixed hours and typically no weekends, then you might want to explore becoming a surgical travel nurse. They are often referred to as perioperative nurses, and they are in the surgical rooms assisting doctors and surgeons. OR nurses also provide care to patients before and after they leave the operating room. You must be able to stay focused and attentive while standing for long periods of time to work in this role.

Pediatric Travel Nurses

Pediatric travel nurses have specialized training and extensive knowledge about infants, children, and adolescents. They provide direct care for them in the hospital setting. If you are good at cheering up patients while acting as a support person for families during difficult times, being a pediatric travel nurse might be a good choice for you.

PICU Travel Nurses

Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) travel nurses provide care to infants, children, and adolescents during their most critical periods in life. This is a highly specialized area of nursing that requires extreme critical thinking skills and keen attention to detail. These nurses possess great knowledge about diseases and conditions that affect children.

Telemetry Travel Nurses

If you pay close attention to details, then you might enjoy working as a telemetry travel nurses. These nurses are in charge of caring for patients who require constant cardiac and respiratory monitoring. This is a fast-paced, busy atmosphere that requires experienced nurses and offers opportunities to grow your skills.

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