Why Is Everyone Packing Up for Travel Nursing Jobs?

Why Is Everyone Packing Up for Travel Nursing Jobs?

Have you landed here because you’ve wondered

“Should I become a travel nurse?”

or perhaps…

“Why do people become travel nurses?”

Have you ever taken a moment to consider your life, and wondered…

“Is this what I really want?”

Why not travel the U.S. and experience different cultures and communities? Take in the variety that lies in this big, diverse country and then decide where you want to be and what you want out of life and your nursing career.

Imagine the freedom to travel, to taste, and to live in urban settings, and rural settings and really discover the country you call home! According to the Bureau of Labor, RN employment opportunities are expected to increase by 12 percent from the year 2018 to 2028.  That statistic is significantly faster than many other professions and should be considered one of the top reasons for choosing nursing as a profession. You will find work! After reading my list of top reasons for becoming a travel nurse, you might be ready to search for high-paying travel nursing jobs.

1. You want to actually experience other places, not just visit.

Do you ever stop to think for a moment about how huge the USA actually is? How diverse it is? What it would be like to experience other communities, cultures, and people? Travel nursing work contracts can be as short as eight weeks or as long as 26 weeks with the typical contract running 13 weeks. When you consider there are 52 weeks in a year, and then take the standard contract length, you could experience life in four different settings in only one year.  Compare that to your typical job, that if you are lucky, offers two weeks paid vacation.  How many places are you going to truly experience with just those two weeks? If you want to see and experience the USA; becoming a travel nurse could be exactly the career to make that happen.

2. You want to settle down but don’t know where’s right for you.

Are you living in or near the same town/city that you were raised in? Or maybe you’re living in or near the same town/city of the college you went to? Are you in that geographical place because you chose it or because it was chosen for you?

Travel nurse contracts offer RNs the opportunity to learn about communities in other states, intentionally. These contract periods give you a realistic look at what your life would be like if you chose to make that state/city/town your long-term home. This could be a huge benefit to those of you registered nurses out there, searching for the right place to call home.

3. More money, less stress. Win-win.

Your income as a travel nurse is typically going to be higher than that of your coworker RNs at whichever facility you work. Consider that higher income, and then add bonuses, 401k plans, health insurance coverage and you’ve got a clear monetary advantage. But the travel nursing benefits don’t stop there.

Travel nurses with Elite Specialty Staffing travel nursing agency also receive stipends for housing and meals. When you don’t have to worry about the money, you will be able to focus more on the quality of care you can give your patients. Consider the mental freedom of not having to join another hospital committee or get caught up in work-place politics.

4. Advance your nursing career.

Consider the facility you work at currently, is there another position or job that you are interested in, but there are no openings? Travel nurses are allowed the unique opportunity to select what type of position, type of facility, and even advance their careers because of their willingness to go where the jobs are available instead of wasting time waiting for one to open up. Take a good look at what you want your career to look like, and then map out where you can go to make it happen.

5. Less nursing burnout.

Burnout is a legitimate problem in the occupational field of nursing. Use travel nursing jobs as a means to avoid burnout. By routinely moving to a new climate, new community, new facility, a new position, new coworkers and new patients you will be giving yourself vacations and new experiences and challenges. These routine changes in your life will help you continue to feel engaged in work, and life.

6. Be near family and old friends.

Maybe you have family members or old friends from your college days who moved away. You’ve always wanted to visit and spend time with them, but never had the means or the time. No problem. As a travel nurse, you can pick an assignment that will place you near to your loved ones, allowing you to reconnect without negatively impacting your bank account.

7. You can travel with your family and/or pet.

How many people who have kids actually travel and see the world? Not many, because it can be tricky and costlier. Having kids doesn’t have to mean you can’t go anywhere. Being a parent doesn’t prevent you from being a travel nurse. Elite Specialty Staffing can work with you to take your family and/or pet wherever you go.

8. You can be a travel nurse with a friend or partner.

Maybe the idea of new places and people is exciting to you, but also a little bit scary. You can team up with another travel nurse and do it together! Whether it be a friend or a partner, working with Elite Specialty Staffing will allow you to request assignments in the same facility or city so you can have a shared living space and pocket the leftover stipend money (tax-free).

Here’s a detailed list of the benefits of teaming up with Elite Specialty Staffing for travel nursing jobs:

  • Health insurance for travel nurses
  • Stipends for housing, meals, and travel incentives
  • Tax-free housing stipend
  • Weekly direct deposit
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Free housing arrangements
  • 401K plans
  • Referral bonuses

So, get started by picking a state, and taking a look at all the nursing job opportunities today! Give us a call at 208-378-1338.