Why Your Facility Should Partner with our Medical Staffing Agency

Why Your Facility Should Partner with our Medical Staffing Agency

Staffing shortages in the healthcare industry are sadly not uncommon, nor are they even surprising. Consequently, hiring whether for temporary coverage or something long-term is challenging. Raising the pay rate isn’t enough alone to bring in the best and brightest. Maybe you’re interested in bringing in talent from outside your community? At a time when demand for almost all the main medical professions is high, healthcare administrators search for solutions to their staffing struggles. Elite Specialty Staffing is the medical staffing agency for your staffing needs, and here’s why:

Our Respectable Reputation as a Medical Staffing Agency

Before you submit your staffing needs to a faceless job platform online – you may want to consider a personal approach with a medical staffing agency.

Elite Specialty Staffing has a reputation of respect and stature with both our clinicians and our clients. Our beginnings are humble; the living room of our founder Jen. And yet, her vision of a staffing agency that would provide a dedicated sense of care and responsibility to the satisfaction of its travel nurses has guided and shaped our company culture over the last 17 years as we’ve grown in both size, commitment, and reputation. We’re an elite medical staffing agency that has not sacrificed the quality of service as we’ve expanded, and we’re here to help your facility with all your staffing needs.

We Offer Range and Top Talent and Specialized Clinicians

Certain travel nursing agencies are limited in terms of the number of licenses they work with and place. This can result in a confusing and chaotic circumstance of hiring from several agencies. That is not the case when you team up with Elite. We are able to offer a broad range of medical professional capabilities, enabling you to simplify your process and entrusting the task of filling multiple different disciplines to us.

We understand that while the nursing staff shortages have been popular topics in the media over the past year, other medical professions are laboring under shortages additionally. We have a large talent pool of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists (SLPs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and more. A high percentage of our travel nurses have specialized areas of work, thereby making it possible for us to place highly sought niche positions.

When hiring for yourself, you commit to the painstaking process of sorting through the candidates to find the best. On the other hand, when you choose Elite Specialty Staffing, you know you’re getting the top talent since our talent pool is vetted. The process to become a travel nurse or medical professional who works contracts through Elite Specialty Staffing upholds the highest standards in the industry. Hence, when you contract for a clinician with us you can have the utmost confidence.

We Take Care of Our Travel Clinicians

As previously stated, our company culture is one that places high regard on the satisfaction of our contracted professionals. Are you wondering why we choose to emphasize the point?

It’s quite straightforward. We are successful at placing highly skilled clinicians at facilities that require them due to the fact that our talent pool is large and satisfied. They continue contracting through Elite Specialty Staffing for nursing agency jobs and we continue taking care of them. We value their skills, we value their goals for their careers, and the fact remains that when an employee feels valued they are apt to feel content with their careers and they continue working with us.

We show our clinicians this care through our competent and compassionate recruiters who not only need to fill a position but to fill the position with the right professional. Our list of benefits to our travel nurses and medical professionals is competitive and thorough, and we’re one of the few companies that offer our contract workers opportunities for bonuses.

We Have the Time to Do It Right

Hiring skilled staff is a time-consuming process, and for healthcare facilities, the administrative tasks are already legion, who has the time to do the painstaking work of carefully hiring qualified clinicians and conducting background checks and all the other duties that run hand in hand with hiring?

This is not one of ten other tasks that are part of our position description, it is instead of our wheelhouse. Moreover, we quite literally want to do the hiring. Doesn’t that sound nice? Entrusting the important and yet painstaking task of finding the right medical staffers to the professionals who focus only on that responsibility is fast and efficient. We have the time to do it and we do it right.

Give Us a Call About Your Medical Staffing Needs

Whether your facility is in urgent need of healthcare staff, or you’re trying to plan ahead for employment gaps or shortages, give us a call today. We can discuss your situation and work toward a plan that meets your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or contact us, we want to hear from you! In fact, here are some questions we suggest you ask to gain a greater understanding of our process:

  • How long does it typically take to fill specific positions?
  • How many recruiters will work on my staffing needs?
  • What benefits does Elite offer?
  • Does my facility need to offer any benefits?
  • Can I offer extended employment to staff I contract through Elite?
  • Does Elite offer per diem contracts?